Lucid Gem Studio was born from the idea of making meticulously custom and beautiful rings attainable through moissanite. We recognize that our customers are price-conscious, and therefore, we have adopted a no-frills approach to the sale of Moissanite bridal jewelry. Our mission is straightforward and concise: to offer an extensive range of Moissanite and diamond jewelry of the finest quality, at the most competitive prices Lucidgemstudio.com was established in 2005 by Ravi. With a legacy in the jewelry industry spanning second generations, Ravi hails from Surat, Gujarat, Which is well known for Diamond City in the World. where his Father opened his Diamond Factory on Diamond market 35 years ago.
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Utilizing our expertise and first hand knowledge as women, our pieces are both beautifully designed and functional. In a world of mass production, we go further to the individual level for every client.We take our approach by disregarding the statusquo and current limitations of our industry.


With our production team rooted in Surat India, our skilled artisans hand make every piece right in Diamond city. Our 1500 square foot production facility allows us to wax, cast, set, and polish all of our pieces in house.​

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